Spring Overview & Mercury Retrograde (Again) on Read the Stars

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It’s the beginning of another season and Astrologer Judi Vitale lets us in all of the important dates and details we’ll need to know for Spring:

This spring, we will need to heed the advice of the many retrograde planets. Plan slowly, softly and with consideration for all that will be happening once summer comes.
Watch the video – Spring Overview – 2012: Check Your Engines! on Read the Stars.


Read the Stars also covers the reoccurring Mercury’s Retrograde in Pisces:

Mercury’s retrograde has been driving me mad, and I suspect more than a few of us have experienced the nastier side of this cosmic effect. Watch the video for more observation, insight and general whining and commiseration as we make our way out of the retrograde from now until April 3-4. But first – we have to survive Mercury in Pisces – AGAIN. Sigh.

Read more and watch the video on Read the Stars’ Mercury (Retrograde) in Pisces – AGAIN!

ALSO – You have the chance to win a FREE Private Video Reading in a new contest on Read the Stars – Stay Tuned.

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