Read The Stars | Post-Retrograde GIVEAWAY and Venus in Gemini

This week, Read The Stars’ Judi Vitale covers the post-Retrograde and Venus in Gemini:

Now that the Mercury Retrograde is over, Read the Stars is celebrating with a Giveaway contest:

Did Mercury Retrograde make you feel like a loser? WIN – a Private Video Reading from Judi Vitale of

Send in your stories about Mercury Retrograde March 2012. Judi will choose her 3 favorites, and award them with free Private Video Readings, each valued at $19.95.

Don’t miss out – entries must be received by Monday, April 9th at Midnight! The Private Video Readings are highly recommended! Find out more on Read The Stars’ After-the-Retrograde GIVEAWAY.

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In the other featured story this week, Astrologer Judi Vitale delves into Venus in Gemini:

It isn’t that Venus can’t be sweet while she’s in Gemini, but she surely is different!

Far from being the soft and sensual soul she can be in a sign such as Taurus or even Pisces, Venus becomes more cool, calculating and aloof while in Gemini. After all, she’s coming to visit a sign that is “hosted” by Mercury, the master of tricks, magic and illusion. During her long visit to Mercury’s late spring home, Venus is bound to help us tantalize one another. However, we cannot expect to get a handle on feelings when there may not be so many of them to talk about. Venus in Gemini scatters emotions and avoids attachments. Although Venus in Gemini people are capable of love, they need to be aware of the needs of others to connect on a deeper level than Venus in Gemini is inclined to do…

So, how will this phase affect you? What should you expect? And what exact dates should you look out for? Read all the details – and watch the accompanying video – on Read The Stars’ Venus in Gemini 2012.

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