Read the Stars | Mercury in Cancer & Jupiter in Gemini

Astrologer Judi Vitale has plenty of astrological updates available on Read the Stars, including Mercury’s move into Cancer and Jupiter’s move into Gemini.

First up, Mercury in Cancer 2012 and what it means for us: Mercury moved into Cancer on June 7th, signaling the beginning of a time period when our clear logic might be clouded by emotion. While it will only be in Cancer for a few weeks, it will do its part in triggering the rather disruptive events that will come at the end of June. Check out the accompanying video and horoscopes for this time period, signaling how Mercury in Cancer may affect you, on Read the Stars’ Mercury in Cancer 2012 – Trigger Those Emotions!

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Also new on Read the Stars – Jupiter’s move into Gemini: Jupiter changes signs about once a year, and this planet of plenty, generosity and abundance will move into Gemini on June 11. Think “Motor mouth” and take it from there! There will be a shift in the way we express generosity, and depending on where it falls in your chart, this new situation will alter the way you feel “lucky.” Read much more on Jupiter in Gemini on Read the Stars.

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