Read the Stars | Dreaming, Doing and Recapturing Opportunity

Major Astrological changes are occurring in October – beginning with Jupiter going into Retrograde on October 4 (through January 30, 2013), Saturn moving into the “murky sign of Scorpio” (remaining there until December 2014), and Saturn Trine Neptune 2012-2013. Read on for more details and visit Read The Stars for the full stories (and horoscopes, etc.)…

Jupiter’s Retrograde, occurring October 2012 through January 2013, is a time to recapture opportunities in your life. Watch the video on Read the Stars’ Jupiter Retrograde – Recapture Opportunities! and discover how with your horoscope.

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Saturn – a serious and severe planet – has moved into Scorpio – a murky sign – remaining there until December 2014. Saturn’s last visit to Scorpio was in 1983 and Judi Vitale covers what happened then, what may happen now and provides inspiration that might awaken you to the possibilities coming along as Saturn stirs up the muck. So what aspect of your life is most likely to be impacted? Read your horoscope and watch the video on Read the Stars’ Saturn in Scorpio: Grim Reaper Stirs Up the Muck.

In Saturn Trine Neptune – Dream and Do, Judi Vitale explains how Saturn Trine Neptune is one hopeful and glorious aspect of 2012-2013 – or at the very least, what may help us translate our dreams into some kind of reality. Watch the video / read your horoscope and find out how to use this in your everyday life.

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