Read the Stars and Mercury in Taurus

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This week, Read The Stars explores Mercury’s move into Taurus – which occurred on May 9th – and how this will affect our change of pace:

Like a calm and peaceful forest, the sign of Taurus will do much to tame down our thinking, speaking and manifesting as Mercury makes its way through.

Mercury entered Taurus at 1:15 AM on May 9, 2012, and as this happened we may have noticed a change in the pace with which we took our daily tasks. While in Aries, Mercury had us in a mad rush to think faster, talk more quickly and move from one place to another with a random and voracious sense of purpose. As long as we were moving, we felt at least somewhat comfortable. Now, we can be more comfortable going more slowly, taking time to absorb our environment, and giving more consideration to the words we use.

Important Dates:

May 9 1:15 AM: Mercury enters Taurus.
May 10 6:00 PM: Mercury sextile Neptune.
May 13 11:48 PM: Mercury trine Mars.
May 14 4:09 AM: Mercury trine Pluto.
May 22 1:58 AM: Mercury conjunct Jupiter.
May 24 7:12 AM: Mercury enters Gemini.

Check out Read the Stars’ Mercury in Taurus: A Slower, Calmer Place for the full story and accompanying video.

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