Prepare for Pluto Retrograde 2012 with Read the Stars

In this week’s Read the Stars’ featured article, Astrologer Judi Vitale prepares us for another Retrograde phase – this time it’s Pluto:

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Pluto goes retrograde for several months every year, but in 2012 it’s really going to pack a punch!

Not only will Pluto continue to erode at what Capricorn represents – our institutions such as banks, corporations and political entities; it will also square off with Uranus for the first of several battles, beginning on June 24th. This dance between the two planets will go on through 2015, as we get a taste of what we have brought onto ourselves since the mid 1960s.

Read the full story – Pluto Retrograde 2012: Packing a Punch – on Read the Stars for important dates and a detailed video from Judi Vitale herself.

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