Pittsburgh Producer/Production Company Finalizing Casting to Shoot in December

We here at talent network news are excited to bring you this information and update on another local talent making it happen in the burgh and across the land while utilizing his home turf for his upcoming project.

We recently spoke to Producer/Writer/Director Shaun O’Donnell about his latest film project, “Smoke The Vote”. The film is being produced by his production company, Resilient Entertainment.

Shaun O’Donnell a Pittsburgh native had the following to say about his current project:

“This particular project is a little different than what I’ve written or produced in the past. I’d classify it as a drama with underlying comedic moments. They’re not knee slapping moments, but hopefully they spark some laughter or head shakes at unexpected times.”

Film 'Smoke the Vote' Resilient Entertainment Shaun O’Donnell

a 2013 Film Release by Resilient Entertainment


The United States Government has reached a cross-roads on “the war on drugs”. Feeling they have no choice but to remove the consumer demand, they put the legalization of marijuana up for vote in Congress. The country will never be the same again.

This film is going to be an interesting take on what could happen if marijuana was ever legalized. Shaun did make it very clear that the narrative is not a reflection on his opinions about the matter. The story follows an average, small-time dealer getting involved over his head with the big time drug lords. My impression after reading the script is that it’s innocence being thrown in the middle of deception. It is a captivating read.

“Smoke The Vote” is currently finalizing casting, and is scheduled to begin shooting December in Pittsburgh, PA. The feature is slated for release Spring 2013. There is also a rumor that the film may be written into a television series. Stay tuned for a follow-up in the near future.

Actors interested in auditioning for principal roles or extra roles
can follow casting calls on the Facebook pages of  Smoke The Vote or “Resilient Entertainment” or on the ‘Resilient
Entertainment’ website

Resilient Entertainment Film Production Shaun O'Donnell




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