Hangover Heaven Arrives in Vegas

Would you spend $130-$150 to rid yourself of a hangover? “Hangover Heaven” promises a cure – for a price – in which patients are rehydrated with IV therapy, anti-nausea medicine and vitamin treatments in 30-45 minutes. The Hangover Bus, which cruises the Vegas Strip on Saturdays and Sundays, stopping at the Paris Las Vegas, the Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, was founded by anesthesiologist Jason Burke.

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The treatment has sparked criticism, particularly from physician Robert Glatter, who practices emergency-room medicine in New York City: “While there is no doubt that Hangover Heaven is a band-aid for your symptoms, it’s sometimes better to actually feel the pain, as it’s a good reminder of the evils of consuming too much alcohol.” Jason Burke argues this point, citing that he doesn’t believe Hangover Heaven “encourages binge drinking. Most hangovers are a case of people losing track of how much they had to drink.” Jason’s angle isn’t just to treat symptoms of the hangover but “treatment also relies on encouraging the enzymatic reaction that breaks down the by-products of alcohol, namely acetylaldehyde. Acetylaldehyde is very difficult compound to resolve and it can take some time. The medications help to buy some time until the body can rid itself of the excess acetylaldehyde, which is what makes people feel like they want to curl up and die.”

What do you think of “Hangover Heaven?” Agree with the criticism? Or would you take up the offer of being hangover-free in 30-45 minutes?

Head to Hangover Heaven’s website for more details. And read the full story on USA Today – Las Vegas ‘hangover bus’ cruises the Strip.


Source Credits – Las Vegas ‘hangover bus’ cruises the Strip, Kitty Bean Yancey for USA TODAY

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