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talent network recently worked with singer/musician/actor Michael Cavanaugh in Hawaii. On-site was David Sedelmeier, who we spoke with about the various elements of the show:

What sort of show does Michael Cavanaugh – known for his role in the Broadway musical “Movin’ Out” – put on?
Michael definitely has a lot of fame because of “Movin Out,” but he is a real talent and consummate performer. Michael was actually an amazing musician at a very early age – I think he started playing in bands at age 10. His personality is very inviting and he’s able to create an instant rapport with the audience.

In his show, he of course performs some Billy Joel songs, he tells some stories about Billy Joel – then he and his band turn the show into a party. Michael is actually a performer we had not worked with before and he exceeded everyone’s expectations, including mine.

Hawaii, Luau Grounds, Michael Cavanaugh, talent network

How did Hawaii set the stage for the show?
Hawaii is pretty spectacular. We were on the island of Lana’i, and the show was on the Luau Grounds of the Four Seasons, on a big grass field by the beach, surrounded by tropical foliage and palm trees. The stage was set at the end of the grounds, so people came down a pathway and saw the stage in the distance. And it was a perfect night, weather-wise. Plus you’re in Hawaii, at the Four Seasons where the customer service is top-notch in every respect…I mean – how bad could it be?

Hawaii, Luau Grounds, Michael Cavanaugh, talent network

Hawaii, Luau Grounds, Michael Cavanaugh, talent network

Did the backdrop pose any problems?
The production company we worked with on sound, stage and lights – MC&A, Inc. – was excellent. They said that 80%-90% of the events go on without a weather hitch, particularly at this time of year. We chose to do the show without a roof, predominately because of budget and spacing issues. There was actually a Clam Shell roof available that was really cool but required too big a footprint.

Was it a different experience working in Hawaii?
There are certain challenges, logistics-wise, because of equipment. Everything is shipped in from Maui. It is key to have a good and resourceful Hawaiian production company because there isn’t a lot of backup if something goes awry. And we were lucky to work with MC&A, Inc.

Any show stand-outs?
The whole setting was a stand-out. Particularly as the evening started to kick in, they lit the palm trees and foliage around the perimeter of the stage and grounds. We actually chose to have the palm trees lit up, as the backdrop for the stage and it was pretty impressive.

Plus, Michael is a captivating performer – his ability to read the crowd, the party/dance atmosphere and how the crowd responded – it was all pretty perfect.

Hawaii, Luau Grounds, Michael Cavanaugh, talent network

Hawaii, Luau Grounds, Michael Cavanaugh, talent network

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