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talent network recently hosted an event for a Corporate Client at Seven Springs, which featured Comedian Craig Shoemaker – read on for details with David Sedelmeier, on how Comedy and the Corporate Market work well together…

Some details on the event…
We hosted three 2-day parties for a client, which saw a new group of employees every two days and featured awards and status of the company, followed up by a comedy show. It is held at Seven Springs and is a great way to celebrate the company and their employees…

Tell us a little bit about Craig Shoemaker…
Craig is a hysterically funny comedian, who does a great call-back to the audience…he does this interactive bit where he picks a younger person from the audience and explains his dated references – he makes fun of the differences between this generation and the way he was raised – technology, smoking, politically correct behavior – he’s just hilarious. Craig pushes the envelope with corporate audiences. He is not for a conservative audience but we knew our client well and knew they would not be squeamish to a club-style performance… It wasn’t necessarily typical material, and it resulted in a standing ovation every night. Craig is just a great, fun guy to be around and a tremendous pro on stage.

Shaun Blackham, Craig Shoemaker, Corporate Comedy, Comedians, talent network, Pittsburgh

Comedians Shaun Blackham and Craig Shoemaker

Is this type of event handled differently than others?
We call this type of event “Groundhog Day…” which is a nice thing because you certainly learn from the first one and keep perfecting as you go. It offers an interesting glimpse into watching the performers and what good actors they are, particularly comedians. With both the opener Shaun Blackham and the headliner Craig Shoemaker – the majority of their routine is verbatim, yet they do it with the same enthusiasm and freshness as if it’s hitting them for the first time.

Shaun Blackham, Comedian, Pittsburgh, Corporate Comedy, talent network

Comedian Shaun Blackham onstage

Event Highlights?
Standing Ovations are always a highlight; that always makes you feel good, knowing you made the right call for the client. Knowing the connection between the audience and the entertainer is there.

How was Seven Springs as a venue?
Seven Springs recently remodeled their Ballroom and, aesthetically, the venue is a great upgrade. The staff is great, the “Go” Team, they facilitate any and all needs and are perfect to work with. It all worked out really well…


Craig Shoemaker, Comedian, Corporate Comedy, talent network

Craig Shoemakerbest-known for his engaging, relatable standup and his iconic baritone-voiced character The Lovemaster, he specializes in Corporate Shows, and his comedy stylings have earned him numerous awards throughout his extensive career… For more details, contact talent network, inc.

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